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The Bonedigger’s Daugher

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I am the author of over twenty nonfiction books for children and a new fiction picture book from Raven Publications. Whether I'm writing about our family’s sauna or the Egyptian pyramids, I love to explore the world through books.
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The Best Part of a Sauna

Available April 2024

Sheryl Peterson at the cabin

The Bonedigger's Daughter

The Best Part of a Sauna

Is it collecting the kindling and making the fire in the old wood stove with Gramps? Playing Chinese Checkers with Nana until the little room is hot? The warm benches and the steam from splashing water on the rocks? The dip in the cool lake at sunset? The loons calling under the stars? Or is there something even better about taking a sauna at Nana and Gramps cabin? Boldly colorful illustrations and a playful grandchild enjoying time at the lake with grandparents create a book to be enjoyed by all generations.

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