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Sheryl at the cabin

Velociraptor by Sheryl Peterson


by Sheryl Peterson

Focus Readers 2017, Finding Dinosaurs series

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-63517-509-7
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63517-581-3

Hosted ebook: 978-1-63517-653-7

Explore what scientists have uncovered about Velociraptor. Colorful photos and illustrations help bring this dinosaur to life as easy-to-read text guides readers through important discoveries about its appearance, diet, and habitat.

Downloadables: lesson plan, curriculum standards, and a quiz are available from the publisher’s website.

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Polar Bears by Sheryl Peterson

Polar Bears

by Sheryl Peterson

Child’s World, 2015, Endanger Animals series

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-63143-970-4
Hosted ebook: 978-1-63407-284-7

Learn all about polar bears, including where they live, why they are endangered, and how people are working together to save them. Chapters explain physical characteristics and behaviors as well. Additional features include full-color photographs, informative sidebars, detailed maps, a glossary of key words and phrases, and an introduction to the author.

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The Best Part of a Sauna by Sheryl Peterson. Illustrated by Kelly Dupre.

Minnesota Book
Award Winner

The Best Part of a Sauna

by Sheryl Peterson, 2013

illustrated by Kelly Dupre

Raven Publications

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-988-35081-6

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-988-35080-9

Is it collecting the kindling and making the fire in the old wood stove with Gramps? Playing Chinese Checkers with Nana until the little room is hot? The warm benches and the steam from splashing water on the rocks? The dip in the cool lake at sunset? The loons calling under the stars? Or is there something even better about taking a sauna at Nana and Gramps cabin? Boldly colorful illustrations and a playful grandchild enjoying time at the lake with grandparents create a book to be enjoyed by all generations. The last page provides information about saunas as a Finnish tradition.

Excerpt, reviews, and more about this book

The Great Depression and World War II by Sheryl Peterson

The Great Depression and World War II

Cherry Lake Publishers, 2011; Language Arts Explorer series

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-61080-199-7

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61080-287-1


Follows the history of the United States from the Great Depression through World War II. This book, which follows a student researcher investigating primary sources, will be an excellent selection for readers who want to know more about this challenging period in US history.

The Empire State Building by Sheryl Peterson. Illustrated by Kelly Dupre.

The Empire State Building

Creative Company, 2007; Modern Wonders of the World series

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-58341-439-2

One of the most fascinating architectural achievements in history, the Empire State Building has long been a symbol of human progress and is one of the most visited buildings on earth. Read more about the history, structure, and meaning of one of the most famous skyscrapers.

Sugar by Sheryl Peterson


Creative Company, 2007; Let’s Investigate Agriculture series

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-5834-1190-2

Ojibway Indians called the common red squirrel the first sugar maker. And did you know sugar is used to make cement and plastics? Learn about these and other quirky facts in this colorful non-fiction book. Sugar tells the story of this sweet treat from its discovery long ago to today's harvesting methods and uses.

The Age of Dinosaurs series

These books from Creative Education are part of the Age of Dinosaurs series. They introduce the life and era of each dinosaur, starting with the creature’s discovery and ending with present-day research topics. Published in 2011.

Pterodactyl by Sheryl Peterson   Velociraptor by Sheryl Peterson   Stegosaurus by Sheryl Peterson






LB ISBN: 978-1-5834-1975-5
PB ISBN: 978-0-89812-540-5
  LB ISBN: 978-1-58341-979-3
PB ISBN: 978-0-89812-544-3
  LB ISBN: 978-1-58341-976-2
PB ISBN: 978-0-89812-541-2

The Land Called America series

These books are part of Creative Education’s This Land Called America series. These books showcase the history, natural resources, people, and attractions that make each state unique. Clear text and colorful photographs will appeal to the age 8 and above reader. Published in 2008–2009.

Alaska by Sheryl Peterson   California by Sheryl Peterson   Colorado by Sheryl Peterson   Idaho by Sheryl Peterson








ISBN 978-1-583-41627-3   ISBN 978-1-583-41630-3   ISBN 978-1-583-41631-0   ISBN 978-1-583-41637-2
Iowa by Sheryl Peterson   Maine by Sheryl Peterson   Minnesota by Sheryl Peterson   Montana by Sheryl Peterson








ISBN 978-1-583-41640-2   ISBN 978-1-583-41644-0   ISBN 978-1-583-41648-8   ISBN 978-1-583-41779-9
North Dakota by Sheryl Peterson   South Dakota by Sheryl Peterson   Texas by Sheryl Peterson   Wisconsin by Sheryl Peterson

North Dakota


South Dakota





ISBN 978-1583417874   ISBN 978-1583417942   ISBN 978-1583417966   ISBN 978-1583418024

Baseball: The Great American Game series

These colorful, exciting books are part of Creative Education’s Baseball:The Great American Game series. The books include lively player profiles and action so real you can almost smell the hotdogs! Published in 2008.

The Story of the Florida Marlins by Sheryl Peterson   The Story of the Seattle Mariners by Sheryl Peterson

The Story of the Florida Marlins


The Story of the Seattle Mariners

ISBN: ISBN 978-1-58341-488-0   ISBN: 978-1-58341-500-9

Ancient Wonders of the World series

Learn about the ancient Egyptian burial chambers that have long facinated mankind. Then read about this mysterious Peruvian city of Machu Picchu high in the clouds. Published in 2005 by Creative Company.

Egyptian Pyramids by Sheryl Peterson   Machu Picchu by Sheryl Peterson

Egyptian Pyramids


Machu Picchu

ISBN: ISBN 978-1-58341-359-3   ISBN: 978-1-58341-357-9

Random things
about Sheryl:


I wrote books about the Egyptian Pyramids and Machu Picchu, but have never been there! Ssshh, don’t tell anyone. I did do mountains of research though, and they are on my travel wish list.


The Great Pyramids


I am a serious sea glass collector. I have many jars full of these surf polished treasures.


The Great Pyramids


I’m still so surprised when someone says they’ve read one of my books and…. really liked it!


Thank You!